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We wanted a fresh new name for our computer software development company that instantly conveyed our concept and approach. We think that Cottage Computing does that by conjuring up an image of a software/system developer working well away from the cubicle world, with fresh air and fresh thinking bringing a focused approach to development.

Remember Ďtelecommutingí? No-one calls it that any more. But todayís hardware and software is good enough and economical enough to allow one to have several work stations away from the office that are robust enough to deliver on the telecommuting idea. Many of todayís large corporations have employees who work away from the office, and connect via their computers from remote locations.

Cottage Computing comprises a group of seasoned developers who have eschewed the cubicle world for the freedom of working away from the office. For some, it solves major commuting problems; for others it brings them closer to family and their Ďrealí life. For the principals of Cottage Computing, it allows us to include some very remote but capable developers in projects that are delivered to locations far from their world.

How do we deliver a project? Thereís nothing like face time to understand real world needs of a client. So typically the first phases of a project, gathering the requirements, and so on, are handled in a series of face-to-face meeting with clients at their location. For some projects, we have only one such meeting, and for many, we do everything on-line. But depending on the need for interaction, we develop and present a requirements and proposal document which is the key document for project guidance. While we try to make this document readable, we find that most clients want to walk through it with you, to fine tune it and gain an understanding of what can be delivered when.

Then itís off to the cottage. Really, itís more than an image. Picture sitting in your shorts and T-shirt, on your front deck, banging away on a laptop connected by wireless LAN to a server running a mirror image of your clientís configuration. You stop only when mommy loon goes by with her new babies riding on her back. Itís quiet in cottage country during the week. You sigh and go ahh, I canít believe they pay me for this. Well, they do, and because of the higher productivity due to fewer distractions, itís actually better than the cubicle.

The Virtual Corporation. We donít do everything, but we have a network of skilled entrepreneurs who can fill in the gaps in our skills sets. We try to work primarily with Microsoft technologies, since that gives us a reduced learning curve for the various tools required to keep pace with technology.

Our strengths are in:

Our technological expertise is in: We try to find: Want to see our work? Much of our work is for private corporate web sites and as such is difficult or too private to demo. We are adding to this web site, however. Where clients will permit, we will mock up some of the work we do in the hopes you can understand our capabilities. Problem is your needs are different. Call us and we can talk.

We have been in business for 30 years and have provided consulting and programming for over 100 companies.

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